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FDA Considers Shortening List of Drug Side Effects Listed in Commercials

TV commercials about prescription drugs tend to start out with the promise of a better future. You'll hear about the benefits of the drug and might see images of healthy looking people enjoying life. But somewhere in the middle of the commercial you'll start to hear about the drug's dreadful side effects. It's typically an eye-popping list of disturbing ailments and conditions: diarrhea, nausea, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, sexual dysfunction and other unpleasant and potentially deadly maladies. You might realize that drug injury attorneys have their work cut out for them. The law requires that all the risks of the drugs are communicated in the ad. A pharmaceutical company can get into trouble for leaving out or downplaying risk information. Most people would agree ...

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Lipitor Lawsuit Filings Increase Dramatically as Patients Seek Compensation

Pfizer is facing a "mounting wave" of lawsuits according to a recent Fox News article. The lawsuits arise out of problems with the pharmaceutical company's anti-cholesterol drug, Lipitor. Victims allege that the medication causes serious side effects, without adequate warnings issued to the public. Drug manufacturers must alert the public to risks of medications. A defective drug attorney should be consulted if you have experienced unexpected side effects or if you have been harmed by prescription or over-the-counter medication. Lipitor Lawsuit Filings Increase Patients began filing lawsuits against Pfizer back in 2012 when the Food and Drug Administration warned that Lipitor, as well as other statins, had been linked to incidents of memory loss. The FDA also cautioned that patients taking Lipitor face a ...

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Drug Manufacturer Sued for Failure to Warn Patients

Drug manufacturers cannot release dangerous drugs on the market without facing consequences. In most situations, drug makers are sued by victims who are harmed by defective drugs. The goal of the victims is to recover compensation for damages and a dangerous drug attorney can provide assistance in pursuing a claim.  In some situations, however, individual lawsuits and mass tort actions are not the only legal troubles that a drug company can face. States and the federal government may also pursue claims and seek to recover compensation from drug companies that put people at risk. Drug Manufacturer Sued by State One example of this type of legal action has occurred recently in the state of Louisiana. The Attorney General's Office has filed a claim against ...

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Evaluating the Risks and Benefits of Drugs for Low Testosterone

Drugs for low testosterone are advertised to men who are getting older. Often, manufacturers of medications like Androgel run commercials and ads that make the low-T medications seem like miracle products. The testosterone therapies promise to make you smarter, more virile and stronger and to help fight the aging process. Unfortunately, many of the men who use the medications in response to the commercials and marketing campaigns are unaware that the drugs also have very serious risks.  Low testosterone medications have been demonstrated to cause serious health complications, and lawsuits have been filed alleging that manufacturers failed to adequately inform patients of the dangers before they used the drugs. An experienced drug recall attorney at DeCarlo Law can help those who have been ...

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