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Evaluating the Risks and Benefits of Drugs for Low Testosterone

Drugs for low testosterone are advertised to men who are getting older. Often, manufacturers of medications like Androgel run commercials and ads that make the low-T medications seem like miracle products. The testosterone therapies promise to make you smarter, more virile and stronger and to help fight the aging process. Unfortunately, many of the men who use the medications in response to the commercials and marketing campaigns are unaware that the drugs also have very serious risks. untitled-1238683-m

Low testosterone medications have been demonstrated to cause serious health complications, and lawsuits have been filed alleging that manufacturers failed to adequately inform patients of the dangers before they used the drugs. An experienced drug recall attorney at DeCarlo Law can help those who have been harmed by testosterone medications to take legal action and pursue a damage claim.

Low Testosterone Medications Pose Risks for Patients

Recent studies have found that Androgel and many other products designed to treat low testosterone may double the risk of heart attacks in men over the age of 65. Men who are younger and who have a history of heart disease are also at significant risk.  The danger may be caused by the fact that the testosterone drugs interfere with the normal production of red blood cells.

Patients taking testosterone drugs also have a 30 percent increased risk of stroke, heart attack and death compared with men who are not using any of these medications.

Despite the risks, the drugs have not been recalled and they remain on the market.  CBS News recently published an article about the products, asking whether taking these testosterone drugs is worth the potential risk of death.

Testosterone therapies do have some benefits to patients, with one doctor telling CBS: "for the men who qualify, giving them testosterone has had a remarkable change in their life."  However, a patient who had taken testosterone therapy and who suffered a stroke after two years of using Androgel indicated that he never would have used the medication if he was aware of the potential side effects and dangers.

Doctors who prescribe Androgel need to carefully consider the risk factors for patients, including whether they have a prior history of heart problems or whether they have diabetes or other conditions that could increase the chances of complications.

Patients also deserve to be adequately warned about the dangers of the medications before they make the choice to use testosterone therapy. Unfortunately, many patients were denied the opportunity to make this informed choice because the manufacturers that sold these products did not issue warnings.  Although Androgel product information does mention the potential for blood clots and hypertension, patients were given inadequate warning about the extent of the dangers that testosterone products present.

Because drug manufacturers have an obligation to alert their patients to all side effects and risk factors, patients who suffer stroke, heart attack and other complications may be able to make a claim. A defective drug lawyer can help.

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