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A Lawyer For Slip And Fall Accidents In Miami-Dade County - You Can Count On Attorney Jeffrey D. DeCarlo

Slip and fall accident attorney Jeffrey DeCarlo knows that such accidents happen in Miami-Dade County and throughout Florida every day. Insurance companies sometimes brush off these so-called premises liability claims as minor injuries, but we know that some accidents cause severe personal injuries that could last a lifetime. Injuries from a fall down accident can be as severe as or worse than injuries sustained in car accidents. If a property owner's careless or irresponsible behavior caused your slip and fall accident, you might have grounds to file a slip and fall lawsuit against a negligent party. Contact an experienced Florida slip and fall accident lawyer at the Law Office of Jeffrey D. DeCarlo, P.A. immediately. You may be entitled to compensation.

A slip and fall accident injury can lead to hospitalization or surgery to repair broken bones, damaged internal organs, or to treat traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. At the Law Office of Jeffrey D. DeCarlo, P.A., our experienced legal team works to make sure these negligent parties are held accountable. Your slip and fall accident, or trip and fall, might not have been your fault. Why should you have to pay for somebody else's mistakes?

Causes of slip and fall accidents

In Florida, slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere for almost any reason. A wet floor could cause you to slip and fall at your favorite restaurant, a shopping mall, or at your local grocery store. You could be a tourist staying at a hotel that has a loose handrail or broken steps. Swimming pools might lack proper fencing, leading to a serious accident. Other common causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Inadequate lighting
  • Failure to maintain stairs, fire escapes, or entryways
  • Failure to clear walkways, sidewalks of debris
  • Inadequate response to spills or other accidents

How a Florida slip and fall attorney can help you

Knowing what to do after a slip and fall accident can be difficult. You might be faced with expensive medical bills and you may need to take unpaid time off from work to visit the doctor. The owner of the premises might deny any wrongdoing or even claim that your injuries aren't as severe as you claim. You might feel that the odds are stacked against you. You might rightly feel that you are being unfairly treated. Contact an experienced contingency fee lawyer in Florida immediately. Talk to someone who understands. Take a stand against negligent property owners and their insurance representatives. Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey D. DeCarlo, P.A. today.

With over 20 years of experience successfully protecting the rights of personal injury victims in Florida, Jeffrey D. DeCarlo is a thorough accident lawyer who fights for each and every client. Don't let big insurance companies push you around. Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey D. DeCarlo, P.A., at (305) 572-0065 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. Every consultation is private and personalized.

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